What our customers are saying
about Circle Air...

Our FBO benefits from a 5-star hospitality rating and is the newest, full service, Fixed Base Operator in San Diego boosting modern and contemporary interior designs. Our team consistently delivers excellent concierge services and ensures that customers and crew receive a top-of-the-line experience.

"Circle Air is an outstanding FBO and service center. They run a safe and professional ramp (my #1 priority), helpful and friendly front desk, and an excellent maintenance shop! By far, the best independent FBO I've ever experienced."
Robby McGurr, Taylor Guitars
"11 T-34's arrived at The Circle Air Ramp for a 7-day formation training event. We were treated like royalty. The Line Crew and Office Support staff was exceptional. They only had a few days notice that we were coming too. We had a great time and were really impressed with the facility, the briefing rooms, and the amenities. We are now planning the next Formation Training Events and will certainly visit San Diego for sure. This is THE place to come for all your flying needs."
John Flippen
"The facilities at Circle Air are outstanding, but the overall customer experience is exceptional. From the fuel trucks to the reception desk, it's all 5-star!! I'd highly recommend this company to any visitor to Gillespie Field."
Brian Smith

“I have had several great experiences with Circle. Easy to deal with. They are very willing to help you with any problem that you may have. Wonderful staff. I can’t recommend them high enough. If you don’t want to taxi to their ramp they will send a fuel truck to you.”
Kent Field on 20-Jul-2020

“Many thanks for the excellent support we received from the Circle Air FBO staff during our T-34 Formation Training Clinic. The ability to use your conference, flight planning, briefing, and break rooms made it possible to complete more training than we had expected. Keeping our aircraft fueled and serviced between flights helped also.”
John Reed on 19-Jul-2020

“They may specialize in jets, but they treated us like royalty in our little Cherokee. The young lady at the front desk as well as the ramp staff were super friendly and helpful as we dropped by to get gas and pick up 6 puppies for a Pilots N Paws ride to Santa Barbara. Awesome place with great gas prices. We will definitely be back. Thanks for everything.”
Gerry Koehler on 01-Feb-2020

“State of the art facility. The staff at the front desk is fantastic. Highly recommend CAG.”
James Freeman on 19-Jul-2019

“My company had the opportunity and privilege to host a show and tell at Circle Air Group. I cannot begin to sing their praises loudly enough. The facility is gorgeous, the staff incredibly accommodating and handled all the aircraft with special care including repositioning them as needed. The experience was phenomenal with friendly, patient staff and again, a gorgeous facility.”
Pat Reed on 26-Jun-2019

“Line Staff and Customer service were very attentive and speedy with our requests. Couldn’t be happier. Recommended highly.”
Kevin Taunton on 04-Jun-2019

“Very helpful upon arrival. Extremely kind to passengers. Quality service. Best refreshments from the large glass cold display. Good fuel prices truck or self serve. This FBO is modern clean and ready to serve.”
Arthur Ruben on 01-Jun-2019

“Circle Air provided exceptional service while I was at Gillespie Field, despite the fact that they were in the middle of their renovation. Services for which they performed perfectly included a car rental, fueling, reference to an avionics shop and facilitating shipment of luggage. I highly recommend Circle Air Group.”
Herb Lingl on 07-May-2019

“Our visit to Circle Air Group was wonderful. This is now a first class facility and the team there is very well managed. They responded promptly to all correspondence. I highly recommend Circle.”
Don Gonzales, King Air N444PS on 19-Apr-2019

“Circle Air is a great FBO at Gillespie! Class act all around. Will keep going back every time we visit San Diego.”
Peter Ford on 07-Apr-2019

“Excellent service and very accommodating line crew. Definitely will come back again! Good alternative to SAN.”
Ashley Penny on 07-Jan-2019

“Love Circle Air! Erica and the line guys provide excellent customer service. If I stop at Gillespie…I stay at Circle Air!”
Stephen Feldman, Piper Saratoga on 23-Dec-2018

“Great place to go even during their construction. Did a quick drop in last weekend… Had a business meeting before departing and found nothing but pro’s there. Easy to place them on the high end of FBO’s I’ve been too. Godspeed.”
Peter Ford on 20-Oct-2018

“Sonia, Brina and the Line Service Personnel displayed the utmost in professionalism and accommodated or overnight needs without a hitch. It is good to know they’re FBO’s with this kind of service integrity in the Industry I recommend anyone traveling to San Diego use Circle Aviation SEE.”
Don Holt on 25-Sep-2018

“Sonia and all the staff at Circle are truly wonderful. What a pleasure to find a group of caring people who enjoy aviation and provide excellent customer service! We are customers for life!! And once again thank you for taking such good care of our plane and us!”
Brandon Marion on 21-Sep-2018

“Had an engine issue on Saturday AM. The folks at Circle were able to get an excellent A&P to come in on short notice and get me going. Many thanks for great service!”
Brent Blue on 13-Aug-2018

“This is one of the best FBOs that I have ever visited in my many years of flying. It is a state of the art facility, with a friendly and very professional staff. Jet A prices are excellent, especially with contract fueling. They’re among some of the best in the country.”
Nicolas Bilbao on 03-Jul-2018

“Just wanted to comment on the excellent service we received at Circle Air Group. Each one of the ground crew really took ownership of their job. The CSR was extremely helpful and courteous. The facility is very clean and kept up. The line personnel would always ask and make sure that we had everything we needed. We fly a Hawker 800XP and were very satisfied with Circle Air Groups professionalism. Even the manager offered to take our passengers into town. Thank you very much Circle Air Group, keep it up!”
Mike Jensen on 26-Jun-2018

“Excellent FBO! We flew in with our Debonair for three nights last week. 50 gallons of full-service fuel (at a bargain $4.75/gal.) will get you two free nights of parking. We actually only took on 48 gallons, but that was close enough for the very accommodating CSR. No junk fees. During preflight, an FBO agent cruised by on his golf cart to say “thank you for the business!” You’re very welcome – we’ll be back!”
Troy Kinsey on 25-May-2018

“First time going into KSEE so, it was a coin toss on which FBO to stage out of for our three contracts in the San Diego area. Coin toss won! Circle is an Ace of an FBO. Best service I have had an awhile. Prompt. Friendly. Professional. For sure will be back again.”
Chris King on 13-Apr-2018

“Another great trip to Circle Air. Most attentive line service I have seen in years. Customer service is perfect. Love going into SEE over the other airports in the area. Less taxi time and never a delay.
Jeff Hansen on 09-Apr-2018

First class service from the entire staff. From the front office to the ground crew you will not find any better anywhere. I have worked out of Circle Air 90 days last year and every day has been great service.”
Tom Greene on 30-Mar-2018

“Circle Air has always been a top-notch FBO. I called around noon on Christmas Eve and they were able to get a rental car ready and waiting at our arrival time later that day. Line crew is always totally ‘on it.’ My fuel order was filled promptly prior to departure. The facility is clean, new, and the staff is always super friendly.”
Inger Fahmi on 27-Dec-2020

“Great FBO!”
Richard Chambers on 15-Jan-2018